Hi, I’m Joy Lu. I believe information, technology and design shape the future of the world. I'm determined to transform how we consume new technology and comprehend information.

I've been working for a conversational AI startup as a product designer for 1.5 years.

Previously I helped improve the University of Michigan's literature discovery experience; I co-led the design and launch of iMAJN App to break the gap of informal communication; I redesigned the experience to create Wordpress on IBM Bluemix; and I created visualization for Oracle CRM.

My practice stems from many obsessions with user experience in different product life cycle, information architecture, storytelling, machine learning, and behavioral design.

Aside from all this I traveled to 22 countries and counting, I make indie music, run marathon, practice art, and I care deeply about gender equality.

I’m based in Ann Arbor, but originally from a tiny town of Zhejiang, China.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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