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Converse with Financial AI That
Actually Understands Your Customers

The Opportunity - Conversational AI

The Challenge

Product Life Cycle 1: Introduction

Building the most advanced conversational AI

How do people want to interact with conversational AI?

Goal: Direct the future of banking
Motivations: grow new customer, saving costs, better customer relationship, and utilize technology

"What I really liked is that it seemed to understand what I was saying even though I wasn’t as clear. You can talk to [Finie] and it can spit it back to you so you could do it in the car, or walking around carrying groceries."

Customer Testimonails
Ronda Executive @ Banking

Goal: Integrate new technology
Motivations: more secure products, flexible to integrate

"I think it is very convenient that it can itemize my income and expenditures very quickly, and it's easy to use... Having your banking status in an audio form, that’s big for people. And [The interaction] was very clean and concise."

Customer Testimonails
Josh Product Manager @ Tech

Goal: Adopt new technology to do better finance
Motivations: efficiency, effective, secure, and delightful experience

"I would imagine myself doing this more at home that’s where I would tend to check my finances and get a quick check. I like the idea of being able to speak because I could just ask questions quickly.""

Customer Testimonails
Nancy Mom @ Home

Branding - Logo Design

Icons for Mobile

Icons for Web

Product Life Cycle 2: Growth

Expand the demo across multiple platforms to appeal to potential clients



early stage prototype

Product Life Cycle 3: Scale

B2B: Integrate the product in clients' business

Product Life Cycle 4: Integration

B2C: Make the conversational AI robust to people

A user ask Finie on Alexa to make
better spending decisions
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